The Initiation Ritual of the Fifth Degree






I, the undersigned, request the Most Wise and Perfect Sovereign and the Very August, Excellent, Puissant and Perfect Princes now assembled, that you will be graciously pleased to admit me to your Princely Order.

I trust that the sincerity of my endeavours to promote the Glory of the Rosie Cross and the Welfare of Mankind will entitle me to your favourable opinions.

Assuring you that I shall not fail to redeem my pledge of allegiance to this Sovereign Chapter, and to devote my Rose and Cross to the prosperity and happiness of the Princes of this sublime degree, I subscribe myself.

(Signed …………………… (IV°)



Altar. White silk altar-cloth, with Rose 49 on gold cross 5 with 4 green rays.

Super-altar. Black. 7 steps. Copy of Stele of Revealing. 33 lights. 33 roses. Paten and Chalice. Cakes of Light and Red Wine.

(Optional. Crystal globe: Image of Babalon: &c. But no male symbol.)

Thrones. One each side of the altar for Most Wise Sovereign (M.W.S.) and High Priestess. (H.P.) one in West for Grand Marshal (G.M.). Stalls for other Princes.

Banners. The Banner of the Rite above M.W.S.

The Banner of Love above the Most Reverend and Perfect Prelate.

Personal banners of the other Princes above their stalls.

Floor-cloth. Ladder. Brass letters for same.

The Brand.

The hangings should be rosy red.




Pillars. Three, surmounted by lamps with 11 holes and letters T.S.L.


Bones, skulls, skeletons, hell-broth for 2nd point.

The hangings should be black.


V.S.L. and writing materials.



M.W.S.v Very excellent and Perfect Princes, be pleased to assist me to open the Chapter of the Holy Order of Rose Croix of Heredom!

(All rise.)

Very excellent and perfect Grand Marshal, see that the Castle Gates are duly guarded, and that all is secure within.

(The door is tested. The Grand Marshal receives the first three signs from all present.)

G.M.: All is secure both within and without.

M.W.S.: What is the hour?

H.P.: It is the hour when the Veil of the Temple was rent in twain,

When darkness began to outspread the earth,

When the altar was thrown down,

The Star called Wormwood fell upon the earth,

When the Blazing Star was eclipsed,

The Sacred Tau was defiled with blood and water, the word was lost, and despair and tribulation visited us.

(Solemn musick.)

M.W.S.: Since the Royal Art has experienced such dire calamities, it is our duty, very Excellent and Perfect Princes to retrieve the loss; and may the influence of Truth, Silence, and Love prosper our endeavours to recover the Lost Word.

(He lays down the Crucifix and tramples upon it.)

Therefore, with my heel upon the head of the Great Serpent I declare this Chapter of Rose Croix duly opened in the name of BABALON and THE BEAST conjoined, of the Secret Savior and of IAO.


H.P.: (Sits.)

G.M.: (Sits.)

(All seat themselves.)


First Point

M.W.S.: Very Excellent and Perfect Princes, the business of this evening is the reception of Brother (Sister) …

(H.P. retires to Red Room, or acts as introducer.

M.W.S. takes position on Tau, setting up the … and placing the Crucifix on his breast.

G.M. draws sword, and goes without veil. Introducer, who has habited Postulant in white, with IV° apron, and placed the V.S.L. in his hand, takes the petition to G.M. who takes it to M.W.S. who says: ‘Admit the Postulant!’ Introducer returns to Postulant, and leads him amid strains of martial musick to the outer veil. Then he knocks. G.M. draws veil.)

G.M.: Who are you?

Introducer: A Member of the Body of Initiates.

G.M.: Whither go you?

Introducer: To the Immortal Mansions of Babalon.

G.M.: What is your rank?

Introducer: I am become a Perfect Magician.

G.M.: Give me the sign.


Your petition has been favourably received by this Princely Chapter; but, whilst we admire your zeal and courage, alas! you came amongst us at a time when we are overwhelmed by the deepest sorrow. Consternation now spreads horror over our brows. An earthquake rends the fair breast of our mother, and the Head of the Great Serpent is exalted. The Veil of the Temple is rent asunder.

(G.M. flings aside.)

Our altars are thrown down; the sacred Tau is defiled with Blood and Water; the Star called Wormwood is fallen upon the earth; and the Blazing Star is eclipsed.

Also, the Word is lost.

(Slow musick.)

M.W.S.: Nevertheless, we rejoice that you have arrived at this hour of peril: your strength and courage may assist us to retrieve our loss, and recover the Word.

Worthy Sir (Noble Dame) I direct you to travel 33 years, 11 to the South, 11 to the West, 11 to the North, returning to me in the East to report the results of your travels.

(G.M. leads Postulant 11 circles deosil and then takes him to the Southern Pillar, where he finds T; 11 circles, and to Western Pillar, where he finds S; 11 circles and to Northern Pillar, where he finds L. He is then brought to head of M.W.S.)

G.M.: Holy Father, I beg to present to you B… (S…) who has completed the 33 years travel imposed on him (or her).

M.W.S.: What have you discovered?

Introducer: I have searched in and about the Pillars in the South, West, and North for the Lost Word, but have only succeeded in finding the letters T., S., and L.

M.W.S.: I congratulate you on the success which has already rewarded your exertions. These letters are the initials of the virtues by whose assistance you may be led to the recovery of the Lost Word. T. stands for Truth, S. stands for Silence, L. for Love, while in conjunction … (he checks himself). But before I can explain myself further, I must call upon you to take a solemn obligation to keep inviolate the Secrets and Mysteries of our Holy Order. Are you willing to do this?

Postulant: I am.

M.W.S.: Then remove from my breast the heavy burden which oppresses me, and cast it behind you, replacing it by the Volume of the Sacred Law, about which you will arrange the three letters in the form of a triangle; interlock the fingers of your hands and place the palms upon my forehead, look into my eyes and say after me;

I, …, in the Name of the Holy Trinity One and Indivisible, and in the presence of this Perfect and Princely Chapter of the Holy Order of the Rose Croix of Heredom, do hereby and hereon most solemnly promise and swear that I will hele, conceal, and never reveal the Mysteries of a Sovereign Prince Rose Croix.

I swear eternal fealty and allegiance to the Supreme Council by whose authority this Chapter is constituted in the person of its Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander Baphomet.

I further pledge myself to the service of the Order to the last drop of my blood and the last penny of my purse.

All this I swear to observe without evasion, equivocation, or mental reservation of any kind, were it at the cost of the death of my body and the damnation of my soul.


Arise, newly-obligated brother, raising to your lips the Volume of the Sacred Law, and seal the Oath with seven kisses.


Very Excellent and Perfect Grand Marshal, let the Postulant be conducted from the Chapter and invested with a black apron and collar, for by such a badge we do designate those who are in search of the Lost Word.

(G.M. takes out Postulant, and invests him, removing his P.M. apron, saying: ‘This attire cannot be worn in the Age of the Lost Word’. Meanwhile the Princes rise from their attitudes of mourning and extinguish the lights, overthrow the pillars, strew the floor with corpses, skulls and bones, light a pungent incense, and the hell-broth. As the Candidate re-enters in charge of the Grand Marshal, a sack is thrown over his head, and he is thrust through the veil, and beaten, pricked and pushed by all as they cry litanies of Jesus, Joseph, and Mary while he gropes his way. The M.W.S. and G.M. should however retire to Red Room.)

Second Point

(All present enter the Red Room, and assume insignia and stalls. The Most Reverend and Perfect Prelate advances from the Red Room. She takes Postulant by the hand. The sack is removed.)

H.P.: I come to conduct you from the depths of darkness and the valley of death.

Truth will direct you when you err

Silence will sustain you in every trial

Love will comfort you upon your path.

(Musick: ‘Tristan and Isolde’.)

(The door of the Red Room is opened by G.M. who removes the black apron and collar. The Postulant finds himself at the foot of the ladder. G.M. closes door behind him. All present are in the Sign of Heredom.)

H.P.: Holy Father, I present to you this worthy Knight, who has passed through the depths of darkness and the Valley of Death in search of the Lost Word, having been fortified with Truth, Silence, and Love.

M.W.S.: Let the Postulant Ascend the ladder which leads to glory and perfection!

(H.P. tells P. to take one step (I°) and pick up the letter.)

M.W.S.: What guides you?

P.: Truth.

(Prompted by H.P. He then takes the 2nd step.)

M.W.S.: What defends you?

P.: Silence.

(3rd step.)

M.W.S.: What inspires you?

P.: Love.

M.W.S.: T.S.L., The Sacred Law?

Do What Thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

(P. takes the 4th step.)

Who is your father?

P.: Iacchus.

(5th step.)

M.W.S.: Who is your mother?

P.: Natura.

(6th step.)

M.W.S.: Who is your teacher?

P.: Ratio.

(7th step.)

M.W.S.: Then who are thou?

P.: IAO.

(All cry IAO loudly.)

M.W.S.: Give me the initials of the last 4 words.

P.: I.N.R.I.

M.W.S.: Sir Knight (Noble Dame) You have indeed by the air of Truth, Silence, and Love, succeeded in finding the Lost Word. To order, Very Excellent and Perfect Princes! Let us analyse the Word!

(All stand to order, swords above head, lip in finger and thumb of left hand. The 3 officers form the descending triangle above Postulant.)

M.W.S.: I.

H.P.: N.

G.M.: R.

All: I.

M.W.S.: Yod.

H.P.: Nun.

G.M.: Resh.

All: Yod.

M.W.S.: Virgo, Iacchus, holy Father.

H.P.: Scorpio, Asi, Holy Mother.

G.M.: Sol, Orus, holy Child.

All: Iacchus, Asi, Orus, IAO.

(They walk round P., and form a line of 3 giving nox sign.)

All: The Sign of Orus.

(They continue circumambulation.)

H.P.: (Facing P.) The Sign of the Dance of Asi.

(They continue.)

M.W.S.: (Facing P.) The Sign of the Joy of Iacchus.

(They continue.)

G.M.: (Facing P.) The Sign of the Blazing Star.

(They continue and again form line.)

All: (Giving + and nox signs.) L.U.X. Lux the Light of the True Cross.

(They return to their thrones.)

M.W.S.: Sir Knight (Noble Dame) You have found Him who is indeed the Word.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

I am Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End which is and was and is to come.

Now worthy Knights having found the Word I will affix it in its proper place.

(Done. All give Sign of Adoration. Soft Musick.)

M.W.S.: Glory unto Thee, Begetter, Transmitter, Transmuter!

(Sign of Adoration.)

All: We adore Thee, Evoe! We adore Thee, IAO!

M.W.S.: Glory unto Thee, who art hidden in the pyramid!

(Sign of Adoration.)

All: We adore Thee, Evoe! We adore Thee, IAO!

M.W.S.: Glory unto Thee, whom men have worshipped in all form!

(Sign of Adoration.)

All: We adore Thee, Evoe! We adore Thee, IAO!

M.W.S.: Iacchus, Pan, Khem, Amoun, Shiva, Priapus, Jahweh!

(Sign of Adoration.)

All: We adore Thee, Evoe! We adore Thee, IAO!

M.W.S.: Glory unto Thee, whose true name may not be spoken!

(Sign of Adoration.)

All: We adore Thee, Evoe! We adore Thee, IAO!

M.W.S.: Glory unto Thee, Master of Magick, Lord of Life!

(Sign of Adoration.)

All: We adore Thee, Evoe! We adore Thee, IAO!

M.W.S.: Who art most mighty when Thou art most concealed!

(Sign of Adoration.)

All: We adore Thee, Evoe! We adore Thee, IAO!

M.W.S.: (Returns to throne.) I now command the Very Excellent and Perfect Grand Marshal to clothe you in scarlet mantle, and to conduct you to the altar.


Kneel, Sir Knight, if you will.

(Done. M.W.S. draws sword, and strikes him on the left shoulder, right shoulder, and back; and on forehead with hilt.)

By virtue of the power and authority in me vested, I hereby make, create, and constitute you, now and for ever, a


Rise, perfected and puissant prince, and receive the emblems of our Order.

H.P.: I present you with this rose.

I invest you with the apron, collar, and Jewel of our Order.

I gird you with this sacred sword.


G.M.: Lastly, I seal you with this seal of perfection.


Before you are again admitted to any Chapter, you must have caused this mark to be tattooed over your heart, so that the scar which can never be effaced from your body may remind you of those oaths which you have taken to us. They can never be effaced from your soul.

M.W.S.: (Rises.) I will now communicate to you the signs and words of this degree.

The first sign is called the Sign of Adoration. Clasp &c raising etc. Then &c.

The second sign or Sign of Freedom. Close &c or as some say &c and place &c.

This may be replaced by the Grand Cross sign of Heredom or Devotion, Clench &c.

The third sign is that of the G.S. or of P … Cross &c.

This sign is always used on entering or leaving a chapter, and may be employed in greeting a brother. Say A.F.O. He replies, P.P.V.

The forth sign or Sign of Truth. Raise &c and say A. Point downwards and say D.

The fifth sign or Sign of Silence. Place &c and say I. The other &c P.V.

The sixth sign or Sign of Love. Clasp &c and say T. As you &c he says R.

The seventh sign or Sign of I.N.R.I. Form &c, &c, &c.

The Grip is given by &c.

The Pass Word on the threshold of the Black Room, or Chamber of Death.

… and in this place the meaning &c. The Royal Omnific Password is …

Very Excellent and Perfect G.M. you will now place our new Companion in Arms between the Pillars in the West and proclaim him.


G.M.: Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! By command of the Most Wise Sovereign, I proclaim Sir (Dame) … a Knight (Dame) of the Pelican and Eagle, a perfect and puissant Sovereign Prince (Princess) of the Holy Order of Rose Croix of Heredom.

M.W.S.: I invite him (her) accordingly to take his (her) seat beneath the Banner of Love in this Princely Chapter.

(He takes his seat.)

Sir Knight (Noble Dame) I salute you from the Chair.

(M.W.S. applauds, H.P. applauds, G.M. applauds, 3 officers applaud. All applaud.)

(Triumphant Musick. M.W.S. and H.P.G.M. and new Kt. (Dame); all leave Red Room, and march in triumph around the Chamber of Death.)

Third Point

(Re-entering the Red Room, and the door being closed. M.W.S. presents the Cakes of Light to H.P., who passes to new Kt. (Dame) and so on, ending with G.M., who presents to M.W.S. The cup then passes.)

M.W.S.: Consummatum est.

(The living circle, and dance. H.P. then advances and consumes the Word by fire.)

H.P.: Consummatum est.

(All resume thrones.)

Additional Note: The seven signs of this degree would seem to be variations of the signs used in the 18° of Ancient and Accepted Masonry.



M.W.S.: Very Excellent and Perfect Princes, assist me, if it be your pleasure, to close this … Chapter of the Holy Order of Rose Croix of Heredom.

(All rise.)

Holy Mother, what is the hour?

H.P.: It is the hour when the Lost Word is found; when the Sacred Tau has bloomed into the Mystic Rose; when the Star called Wormwood is cast into the Abyss, and the Blazing Star has reappeared in all its splendour; when our altars have been renewed, and the Light restored to our eyes.

The New Covenant is established; Do What Thou Wilt is the whole of the Law.

(… and musick.)

M.W.S.: Let us then, my excellent Companions, observe this Law, which will enable us to erect a pyramid in our hearts to the glory of Him, to whom belongeth Might, Majesty, Dominion, and Power; who liveth and reigneth world without end.

(All make the 3 signs of Adoration, Heredom, and Pan.)

M.W.S.: Therefore, with my heel upon the head of the Great Serpent (He goes out, and turns facing red room.) I declare this … Chapter of Rose Croix duly closed in the name of Babalon and The Beast conjoined, of the Secret Savior and of IAO.