The Initiation Ritual of the Sixth Degree



The Ceremony of

Illustrious Knights Templar of the Order of


and of

Dame Companions of the Order of the Holy Grail

The Temple is that of Egypt, octagonal with two pylons, six mirrors. The Canopy is of blue embroidered with golden stars. Above the mirrors are 77 lights with reflectors, each mirror having 11, and the pylon of the West 11 of larger size. Here hangs the Volume of the Sacred Law.

Of the Altar it is not written.

The Knights and Dames are clad in the black or white velvet or silk tunics and knee-breeches and silk stockings of the IV° but instead of the mantle of green velvet is a mantle of black velvet. The garter is black with gold lettering: the shoes black with gold buckles. The collarette, eagle and sash of 30° are worn. The tassels of the mantle are of gold cord. The cap is that of a Templar, but black with the insignia in gold.

Sword and belt are black and gold.

The Ante-room contains the Tomb of J(acobus) B(urgundus) M(olensis) and is hung with black. The Chamber of Reflections contains a small altar or table on which is a skull and the ever-burning lamp. In the mouth of the skull is a green leaf.

When more than 3 companions are present, they draw lots for the offices, the loosers remaining without, on guard, under the direction of the Knight Sentinel.


The Word. Grand Commander, a male officer, at times representing Baphomet (G.C.). Babalon

Cup Bearer, a female officer, at times representing Babalon (C.B.). Baphomet







G.C.vvv vvv vvv (Nine knocks, three batteries of three)

Sir Knights and Dames, assist me to open the Temple.

(All give sign.)

Sir Knight Sentinel, guard the approaches of the Temple.

(Sentinel goes out on guard after seeing that all give signs.)

Lady of the Sword, guard the portal of the Temple.

(She salutes, draws sword, and goes to door.)

Hail Babalon! Hail, Bearer of the Holy Grail! (Dips lance.)

(She gives the cup to each companion in turn, then to G.C., and finishes it.)

Let us form the Mystic Triangle.

(The three companions, facing outwards with hands joined, surround G.C. and C.B. who exchange the Greeting M(outh) to M(outh). R(ight) H(and) to K(nee). L(eft) H(and) to A(nus). Change to EAGLE-GRIP and exchange WORD. She changes to Babalon, while he invokes in sign of 7°=4°.)

WE INVOKE THEE, Three-in-One, Sol-Om-On.

1st companion: SOL.

2nd Comp.: OM.

3rd Comp.: ON.

All: SOL! OM! ON!

C.B.: The Temple is open!

G.C.: The God is in the shrine!

S.B.vvv vvv vvv

K.S.vvv vvv vvv



G.C.: Sir Knights and Dames Companions of the Graal, our Brother R.C. Sir … offers to share our burden, Lady of the Sword, instruct Sir K(night) S(entinel) to admit him.

(She does so. G.C. and Companions proceed to anteroom where G.C. is then entombed. The Companions stand with drawn swords at head of tomb. S.B. takes empty cup C.B. and advances to foot of tomb. C(andidate) introduced. The Roll of the Bath in on the tomb.)

S.B. (Sword Bearer — normally a female officer): Whom have you there?

K.S.(Knight Sentinel, a male officer): A S(acred) P(rince) of R(ose) C(ross), who offers to share the burden of the I(llustrious) K(nights) T(emplar) of the O(rder) of K(adosch) and the D(ame) C(ompanions) of the H(oly) G(raal).

S.B.: Who vouches that he is properly prepared?

(The Knight or Dame who can do so, replies.)

Admit him in due form.

(K.S. directs him to t(rample) and s(pit) on the c(ross).)

S.B.: Behold the tomb of your G(rand) M(aster), J(acobus) B(urgundus) M(olensis). Swear to break the bondage of vulgar error.

Cand.: I swear, etc.

C.B.: Swear unconditional and unswerving obedience to the G(rand) M(aster) B(aphomet).

Cand.: I swear, etc.

S.B.: Swear to serve the Order to the last moment of your time.

Cand.: I swear, etc.

S.B.: Swear to defend the Order with the last drop of your blood.

Cand.: I swear, etc.

(S.B. stabs Cand.)

S.B.: Swear to aid the Order with the last penny of your purse.

(K.S. takes any money and removes his insignia, garters and shoes.)

Swear to love the Order with Body and Soul in the p(erson) of any D(ame) or K(night) who d(emands) it!

(Note. A.C. altered the original ‘swear to love’ to ‘swear to exhibit charity to’ — this later alteration being in pencil.)

Cand.: I swear, etc.

(A Kt. or Dme. not his voucher, takes and gives kiss.)

S.B.: Swear to devote your whole energies to the Will of the Order and the Dominion of T(he) S(acred) L(aw).

Cand.: I swear, etc.

(Kisses V.S.L. 7 times.)

S.B.: If you break this oath, you will ever be pursued by the unsleeping vengeance of the Order; nay, the avenger shall arise, even from the Tomb.

(S.B. goes to Candidate’s left, as G.C. starts up (from the Tomb) T. In his hand is the Roll of the Oath.)

G.C.: You will seal this oath with your heart’s blood!

(K.S. draws C.’s blood with his stiletto (cutting) a St. Andrew’s Cross on right arm. S.B. receives it in cup. Cand. dips his thumb in the blood, and seals the Oath. K.S. binds up Cand.’s wound.)

G.C.: It is sworn. Follow me, that I may offer up the blood to our lady Babalon.

(G.C. goes to temple and enters. S.B. and K.S. remaining in their stations within and without. Temple is lighted only by the Sanctuary lamp. The three companions form the triangle about the CandidateG.C. goes to C.B. and kneels, offering Cup. C.B. drinks, lifts her kirtle from which he takes the phial of oil.)

G.C.: (Within triangle. Anoints crown of C.’s head.)

In the name of Nuit and of Babalon and of Isis

(Anoints centre of forehead)

In the name of Hadit and of Chaos and of Apophis

(Anoints ball of thumb)

In the name of Ra-Hoor-Khuit and of The Beast and of On and by the authority of the G(rand) M(aster) B(aphomet) and by virtue of the Powers vested in my person, I create thee, now and for ever, a Knight Templar of the Order of Kadosch and a Companion of the Holy Grail.


(Gives the accolade on b- c- a-s saltire.)


G.C.: You will now retire without the portal of the temple, there to be invested with the insignia of your rank.

(All leave the temple, and all assist in this. G.C. places the shoes upon C.’s feet, kissing them in token of humility.)

I now proceed to entrust you with the secrets of this degree.

(All retire and prepare for Second Point. K.S. wears crown, a companion of the papal tiara, while the other companions wear the robes of familiars of the Inquisition. No Templar jewel or ensign must be shown. C.B. is in Temple as Baphomet.)

On the 13th day of October 1307 the Grand Master of the Temple Jacobus Burgundus Molensis or Jacques de Bourg Molay and many of his brethren were arrested through the treachery of two apostate brethren (They appear) who inspired the Pope Clement V and Philip le Bel King of France to crush the Order. These tyrants stripped him of all the signs of his high rank (done by Pope and King) and had him bound hand and foot (done by familiars) and cast into prison on a charge of heresy and immorality; and indeed our Master was sworn to bring Light and Freedom in to those ages of ignorance and slavery.

Here he was put to the torture (Cord round Can.’s forehead until he screams) but not all the ingenuity of the tormentors could cause him to utter a cry of pain, much less to recant.

On the 14th day of March 1314, he was bound to a stake surrounded by combustible materials, and the torch of the executioner applied.


(See Diagram.)

With his last words he invoked vengeance on his murderers, who died within a year and a day, as you shall do if you ally yourself with tyranny and superstition.

(Can. released.)

Sir Knight, roll on the ground these emblems, and cry: ‘Down with tyranny! Down with superstition!’


The vengeance of the order was executed even sooner upon the traitors, who were stabbed in the throat within a fortnight of the murder of our master.

Lay your hand upon your heart, the fingers apart, in memory of the flames which curled about his noble heart; grasp your right knee, raising the foot as if ready to trample on tyranny; then take this dagger and pierce the throats of traitors, crying: ‘Wekam, Adonai!’, which means ‘Vengeance, O my Lord!’ This vengeance has been accomplished. Light and Freedom have slowly penetrated, and today we are at liberty to love the Light of Life.

(All resume insignia in ante-room.)

Noble Sir Knight, I now re-invest you with the Insignia of Our Order. This Ring of Profession is always to be worn on the right thumb. Its inscription V.D.C.A. stands for Vult Deus Sanctum Amorem, and for certain other words which will one day be communicated to you.

This Eagle is that of Frederick of Prussia, who first shook the power of the Papacy. The insignia are black, particularly the mantle, which though white within, a symbol of our light and purity, shews that we must still walk in a cloak of darkness and secrecy; for Light and Freedom are not fully ours.

Yet in secret we may still worship as we will.

(All officers resume places in temple. G.C. passes in giving sign, grip and word. Cand. follows him. Temple is now in light.)

‘Behold our God, Baphomet, the unutterable one, the bearer of the Holy Grail.’ Kneel, Brother, as a lover kneels at the shrine of the Beloved!

(Done. G.C. solemnly dips the lance-point in the cup. C.B. gives Cand. the Cup and he drinks. She then raises him and greets him with the secret grip, as in the Opening, within the triangle of Companions, or in any case with the accolade.)

‘Sir Knight, you are now at liberty to retire. On your return you will partake with us of the Mystic Feast of the Sabbath’.

(Companions conduct new Knight from the Temple.)


(The Knights assemble to the W. of the Tomb of J.B.M. The Temple is dark but for sanctuary lamp.)

G.C.: Brethren, to Order! Let us celebrate the Mystic Feast of the Sabbath.

(He leads procession. G.C.C.B.3 CompanionsS.B.K.S. new Companion last. They go 7 times round the Tomb, widdershins; then all enter but K.S. who bars new Knight. K.S. directs him to knock, short, long, short, short.)

S.B.: V(ery) I(llustrious) G.C., there is an alarm at the door.

G.C.: Inquire who demands admission.

S.B.: Sir K(night) S(entinel), who demands admission to the Sanctuary of the Holy Grail?

K.S.: A K(night) T(emplar) of the O(rder) of K(adosch).

(S.B. rends veil. All menace new K(night) with their swords.)

G.C.: What is your name?

K.S.: (For Knight.) I have no name.

G.C.: By what right do you demand admission?

K.S.: (For Knight.) I have no right.

G.C.: Who has the right?

K.S.: No one has the right.

(All drop swords. Kt. enters as all retain station. K.S. at mirrors by W. S.B. to left of G.C.)

G.C.: Sir Knight, you will lead the procession. Let us travel in the Path of the Serpent!

(Knight leads deosil. At each outward curve, new Knight — and all —sweep down and out with thumb. They go round 7 times.)

G.C.: Unveil the Graal!

(All sheathe swords. C.B. takes cup, drinks and offers to G.C. Each, as he drinks says:

1. To the Glory of Nuit who is Babalon who is Isis.

2. To the Glory of Hadit who is Chaos who is Apophis.

3. To the Glory of Hoor Khuit who is The Beast who is On.

4. To the Glory of our first master three in One — Sol-Om-On!

5. To the Glory of our Master Jacobus Burgundus Molensis.

6. To the Glory of the O.H.O.

7. To the Glory of the Grand Master Baphomet.

The 7 libations being accomplished.)

G.C.: Sir Knight, you will lead the procession. Let us travel in the path of the Sun!

(New Knight leads deosil, in the sign of Good Shepherd. All draw swords.)

G.C.: As these 8 pillars support the roof of this holy temple, so do the 8 letters of the name Baphomet support the heaven of heavens the throne of Sol Om On. Brethren, let us utter this holy word.

(Every Knight utters his letter in silence. New Kt makes B with his lips, instructed by S.B. and K.S. who show him how to act.)

C.B.: A.

1st Comp.: P.

2nd Comp.: H.

G.C.: O.

K.S.: M.

3rd Comp.: E.

S.B.: T.

(All make letter in silence; swords meet, l(eft) arm bent supports brow; l(eft) hand grasps r(ight) arm.)

G.C.: Now there is nought but death in this holy temple.

Draw up the life-force from thy feet.

To where the Eight in Nothing meet!

(All attempt to do so. If it fails: …

1st Comp.: V(ery) I(llustrious) G.C., the Light abideth indeed in the darkness, but the darkness comprehendeth it not!

3rd Comp.: Let us sacrifice to the Lord of Light! (Here the G.C. reads the last chapter of the Thelemite Holy Book Ararita)

G.C.: Brethren, to order!

(All to order. K.S. goes out and brings in the c(up) or b(owl) whose t(op) he c(overs). C.B. gathers b(roth) of which all drink in turn, G.C. last; for the c(up) passes widdershins.

All now recite the Chapter of Unity; Qol: Hua Allahu achad: Allahu assamad; lau yalid walam yulad; walam yakum lahu kufwan achad.

Each, as he feels the necessity, makes the sign of the V°. When all have done so, the mantra stops.)

G.C.: Sir Knights, let us utter the holy word!

(Light. New Knight says B. as before, but remains standing and throws off mantle.)

S.B.: (Says.) A (And initiates action.)

3rd. Comp.: (Says.) P (And initiates action.)

K.S.: (Says.) H (And initiates action.)

G.C.: (Says.) O (And initiates action.)

2nd. Comp.: (Says.) M (And initiates action.)

1st. Comp.: (Says.) E (And initiates action.)

C.B.: (Says.) T (And initiates action.)

(All advance and form Circle of Light.)

(All resume mantels and stations; but K.M. changes place with new Knight.)

G.C.: Lord of Light, I blaze above.

S.B.: The Lady of Life!

C.B.: The Lady of Love!

K.S.: I am he that guards the Three.

I am Lord of Liberty.

Comps.: We support and serve the State

We complete the circle of eight.

G.C.: The sacred lance shall never fail.

C.B.: Veil and unveil the Holy Grail.

Its wine and blood be freely poured

Eternally before the Lord!

S.B.: I bear the sword to be your ward.

K.S.: And ever faithful I will guard.

The Portal with the Poniard!



G.C.vvv vvv vvv

Sir Knights and Dames, assist me to close the Temple.

(All give signs.)

Sir K.S., guard the approaches of the Temple!


Lady of the Sword, guard the portal of the Temple.


Hail Babalon! Hail, bearer of the Holy Grail!

(She bears cup as before in Opening.)

Let us form the mystic square!

(The four companions face outward with hands joined, while G.C. and C.B. exchange greeting (? T.), eagle grip, and words. She changes to Babalon whom he invokes in silence.)

G.C.: Peace from the Sun! and from the O.H.O. and from the G(rand) M(aster) B(aphomet.)

C.B.: The Graal is veiled.

(G.C. and C.B. leave the Temple followed by others all arm in arm; S.B. and K.S. bring up the rear, disrobe in the anteroom.)