1. Choose a name for initiation.

2. Preliminary training: obtain the state of internal preparedness and determination to perform the operation.

3. Self-purification: Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

4. Temple:
– the magickal circle with the names of Therion (East), Hadit (South), Babalon (West), Nuit (North);
– the altar is set in the center, upon it are a candle, a sword, a disk with bread and salt, the Book of the Law.
Opening: circumambulate the temple deosil (clock-wise), invoking relevant names on the quarters. Light the candle on the altar, saying: “In the name of Baphomet and under the auspices of the Holy of the Holies I declare this temple in the degree of Minerval.”

5. Oath



Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law!
I, … (magickal name), a native of Corinth, a freeman of the city of Athens, the ally of Mitylene (1), set foot on the path to Heliopolis, the City of the Sun, in search of Light and Truth, of Wisdom and of Peace. I dedicate myself to the Order and proclaim myself the Man of Earth in the degree of Minerval of Ordo Templi Orientis (Give the sign of recognition (2)).

I swear to be guided by the principles of the OTO, to comprehend its mysteries and fight against the forces of superstition, tyranny and oppression in the name of freedom of man in whom God dwells.

But if I break this oath and betray the bread and salt (eat these from the altar), may the dogs devour my carcass; may I be mutilated and no more a man! (Give the penal sign (3))
Love is the law, love under Will!

6. Draw a circle with a cross inside above your head with the sword, vibrate the degree word – ON, which means “the Sun” in ancient Egyptian language.

7. Read the Book of the Law.

8. Reflect on the First Paradox of Philosophy:
Freedom is inextricably linked to the first paradox of philosophy. In order to obtain freedom to do your will, it is necessary to submit voluntarily to discipline and organization. Evolution implies structuralization. The power of man is greater than the power of the amoeba, because he has specialized the functions of our protoplasm of which he is composed. The regulations must be strict, even as the sinews of your arm are firm. Were your sinews loosened, you could no longer move your arms. Chafe not, therefore, at the apparent restrictions which your obligations place upon you. They are designed solely to enable you to do your will. In order that you may do the one thing which you will truly, you must therefore renounce all those other things which may tempt you to swerve from the purpose.

9. The ritual of Will. The banquet.


(1) If a candidate is male, he is “a native of Corinth, a freeman of the city of Athens, the ally of Mitylene.” If female, she is “a native of Corinth, a freewoman of the city of Mitylene, the ally of Athens.”

(2) The sign of recognition: right arm is down, the palm is straight, four fingers held together, the thumb is set perpendicularly to the palm. Raise your hand and touch the middle of your forehead with the thumb.

(3) The penal sign: the palm of the right hand is straight, four fingers held together, the thumb is set perpendicularly to the palm. With a sharp move from right to left, symbolically cut yourself across on the level of the base of the spine.


© Fra Aumgn, Basileus OTO, 2017